Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Red Austrian Crystals and Late Night Walks

Yesterday we received a pendant necklace from La Vie Parisienne in a beautiful red Austrian crystal.

The photos don't do it justice, but scroll down to see how it catches the lights.

We ordered this in for a customer last week and when it arrived we knew we needed more.

Earrings available too.

Austrian crystals are cut to attract light.

We are also enjoying our new candles from Illume.  The blue green and pink jars are beautiful.


And we have a few new arrivals to Madeleine's Closet!

A tan trench-style wool coat.  It's 1/2 off!  And a pretty matching leopard scarf.

This is definitely the busiest time of year and my favorite.  I wish time could slow down.  
There are so many things I still want to do.  
Enzo and I walk late at night because that's when I finally get the time and he loves the cold.

The great thing about walking late is a leash is optional.  
He loves a bit of freedom and I love to look at everyone's pretty holiday lights.

At night it's been in the twenties so the formula to stay warm
is three pairs of tights under skinny jeans.  haha 
Over the last month I have gone from one to three pairs.
Not the most attractive look, but it works.


Treats from the BEST shop neighbor who also lives in my neighborhood and has a stunning home.
If you are local and haven't eaten at Vito's put it on your holiday list!

Much love!

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