Monday, November 20, 2017

Elf Essentials

red tinsel $9 (also available in gold)


Meri Meri Christmas crackers $6
(includes a riddle, toy and hat)

they are cute tucked in a tree, on a table setting, or as a gift topper 

red and white paper festooning $9

Meri Meri santa hats $6

fun in holiday photos, even for pets

Meri Meri cupcakes cases $8
(includes a recipe)

great neighbor gifts and we wrap for free!

thanks for visiting!

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Cartier's holiday display in London on Old Bond Street (2006)

was a magical Christmas cracker

oh how I love this!

From the Oxford English Dictionary

Tradition tells of how Tom Smith of London invented crackers in 1847.
He created the crackers as a development of his bon-bon sweets, 
which he sold in a twist of paper (the origins of the traditional sweet-wrapper).  
As sales of bon-bons slumped, Smith began to come up with new promotional ideas.  
His first tactic was the insert "love messages" into the wrappers of the sweets.

Wish he could see how Christmas crackers are still apart of the Christmas holiday.