Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pink and Yellow Favorites

I have always thought that if happy were a color it would be yellow

and combined with pink is even more cheerful

featured on left:  Illume's lotion in Honeysuckle

it smells like summertime

featured on right:  lemon notepad in a darling decorative box

featured below:  a Ralph Lauren pink leather purse

original price $178 (comes with original tags)
demo price $88 (perfect condition)

just one; shipping available

and speaking of happiness and favorites

today my mom was a rockstar!

not only did she work extra long hours so that my air conditioning could be fixed
(which in this 100 degree Utah weather is not something to be without)

she also launched a new brand
that I won't have to go to Nordstrom for anymore

I can just shop it at Madeleine L'Amour

stay tuned

for the happiest gift with purchase there ever was

new brand launching soon

be excited!