Monday, July 10, 2017

Organizing 101: Carpe Diem

Seize the day!

This time of year when everyone is getting ready for back-to-school 
I get excited, in a very nerdy way, to get myself more organized

 and this year we have lots to help you too

Our agendas begin in August 2017 and go through 2018

they come in a variety of styles and brands

swans- stripes- floral- pineapple and more

notebooks are also an organizing essential

I love a spiral notebook that lays flat

this is where I do seriously planning and brainstorming

I also love cute memo paper to add to my agenda when I run out of room on a busy day

and a zippered pouch for things like pens, stamps, and post-its is also a must

(hint: I love to keep a thank you card with me and am often happy I have one with me)

then add a roomy tote to keep it all organized and take with you on the go

I hope this inspires you to get organized too!

Thanks for visiting!