Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Healthy Living

Today we were re-stocked in some of our favorites from Enchanted Naturals

I love their body oils (more than any lotion), their detox bath bombs are my weekly treat, 
and their lip balms are a must this time of year as they contain SPF30

Tomorrow we will be launching their new packaging

here is just a sample

Another favorite has been Kashi bars

I love to have a snack in my handbag because I'm always on the go 
but most protein bars are too heavy and don't taste very good

These taste great and I appreciate the mission of Kashi

These are not organic bars.  They are certified transitional.  This means that they are helping to support farmers transitioning their conventional farmland to organic.  Farmers need to go through a three-year transitional period to be able to apply for USDA Organic Certification.  That's three years of implementing organic practices on their land without a return on their investment.  Kashi supports these farmers and I support Kashi.

Learn more here.

Try these.  They are so good.

Salted Chocolate Chunk

My youngest son and avid cyclist has started grabbing Kashi bars to take to school

I set out options each morning and he's been going for these

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