Monday, January 11, 2016

It's a New Year

We would like to start the first blog of the new year by apologizing for the lack of posts the last few months.
I have recently had many life changes including moving into a new home that brought me a fresh start.
Following my move the Christmas holidays, our busiest time of year, were upon us.

We are officially back and committed to bring you lots of new content.

We would also like to introduce Tyra our latest Madeleine L'Amour model.
She is so lovely in all she does and her style icon is Audrey Hepburn.
She loves pearls and bows and vintage couture.

Tyra is wearing our La Vie Parisienne ruby bracelet which is now available in two additional styles.

I was thrilled to receive this bracelet for Christmas!  

Our cream shrugs are also available in taupe and blush.

El has been busy designs hearts and decking out our shop for Valentine's Day.

Here's a peek inside my new home and you can see her hearts in my Valentine's decor.

And a look inside my kitchen.  We love hanging vintage plates for art.

We have a wide variety of vintage plates at the shop.

Red and white treats tied up with heart ribbon are a must along with our locally made toffee.

Heart ribbon is $1 at yard and comes in other colors too.

Bethany Lowe sweetheart art boards arrived today.


Our Brianna Chamberlain blush crystal necklace is exquisite.

From Madeleine's Closet we have a Kate Spade pale pink bow purse.

(like new with tags at a fraction the cost)

We would love to have you and are always happy to ship!

Today we were thrilled to welcome a new customer from Rhode Island.

We would love to ship to you too!