Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Craving Spring

This time of year we always begin to crave spring and everything about it.  The warmer weather, the floral prints and the blossoming flowers are all things we love.

Above you will see new arrivals from La Vie Parisienne featured with our best-sellers from Tokyomilk.

Below is our Miss Rose Sister Violet floral tote.  This design is from an Australia-based company that we can't get enough of.

And just in time for Valentine's Day is the arrival of our love pouches.  
They are only $5 and are the perfect way to give a gift card, note, or candy.

They are also available with other messages such as:

Life was meant for good friends and great adventure

I'd follow you anywhere

Who needs a date when I've got girlfriends like you

Love you to pieces

I'm obsessed with you (in a non-creepy way)

and more

Below is our Let Them Eat Cake queen

from designer Bethany Lowe

this also comes in a matching banner

And a lovely pale lilac handbag from Annie Mae adds a touch of spring to any outfit.

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Love to have you and always happy to ship!

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