Saturday, May 23, 2015

Toykomilk: The Bon Bon Lip Balm

Let Them Eat Cake
This luxurious formula will keep your lips soft and kissable.
French Vanilla, shredded Coconut and a hint of cocoa 
will keep him coming back for more.

Opera Mint
A blend of refreshing Peppermint, creamy Tahitian Vanilla 
and rich Peruvian Cocoa leaves your lips soft, and his wanting more.

Sweet Cream
Frost your thirsty lips with a decadent blend of Vanilla Bean
Spun Sugar and the lightest hint of caramelized Cream.

Cherry Bomb
Crushed Bing Cherries and sweet spun Sugar excite the lips.

Honey Blossom
Sweet Clover Honey and decadent Poppy Nectar 
sweeten your lips for a coming kiss.

Sugared Violette
Sugared Violette leaves, crushed Nectarines and Honeycrisp Apples 
impart a delicate flavor as our luxurious formula 
quenches the thirst of even the most parched of lips.