Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Part I

always a lovely gift for Mom

above: some of our estate-inspired pieces and today we received new inventory from 
Brianna Chamberlain which will be featured tomorrow

one size fits all

we have a wide variety of scarves for $20

this coral is a favorite with a subtle iridescent sparkle

Make her and her kitchen pretty

many one-of-a-kind aprons from Annie Mae available and

we also carry aprons from Miss Rose Sister Violet from Austraila

a girl can never have too many

new lightweight handbags from Annie Mae

perfect for the warmer months ahead

We are open late today, Friday and Saturday until 7 p.m. with a

Main Street Mother's Day Event

We would love to have you and happy to ship!


watch for Part II coming very soon!