Friday, August 9, 2013

Feminine and Beautiful

gold and sparkle bracelet by Brianna Chamberlain; flower clips/pins from A Gilded Life

French girl headband by Candice Lee

Pink Pocketbook tote with pink sparkle pendant

rose quartz necklace by Brianna Chamberlain; roses sold by the stem

fit for a ballerina headband from Candice Lee; necklace by Brianna Chamberlain

fit for a queen crown fashion magnets {available in four different styles} from A Gilded Life

add sparkle without leaving a mark

Pink Pocketbook perfect for fall tote

Paris girl headband by Candice Lee

chandelier inspired earrings by Brianna Chamberlain

Pink Pocketbook Paris perfume tote

lovely lavender headband from Candice Lee; earring by Brianna Chamberlain

sweet as sugar headband by Candice Lee; necklace from Brianna Chamberlain

faux cake by Nelly Isabelle

tulle and bow headband by Candice Lee; frames display only

Pink Pocketbook chandelier tote

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