Monday, June 3, 2013

Madeleine's Patisserie & Vintage Treasures

cake pedestals in white, pale pink and pale blue

pale blue vintage chair

zoo animal mugs with plate

hobnail cookie jar

exquisite glass domes

Annie Mae table runners

pale blue petti skirt

lace petti skirt on vintage blue chair

vintage blue teacup set, cosmetic bags, and vintage millinery

vintage spaghetti poodle

petite jeweled dome with vintage plate

pale pink flowers in L'Amour bowl

shabby chic plush throw

pale blue mug

pink vintage prom dress with layers and layers of ruffles

Annie Mae market tote and a new designer we look forward to welcoming to Madeleine L'Amour

for a future trunk show {check back for her dress show}

I wanted every single one of her dresses, flowers, and cosmetics

thanks for visiting

we would love to have you or ship to you


tomorrow we are introducing our new weekly Madeleine cookie

can't wait to share more about this