Friday, November 24, 2017

Cottage Greenhouse

New from Cottage Greenhouse and just in time for

our Small Business Saturday sale!

November 25th 10-6

We are also re-stocked in this best-selling gift!

Fruits Relaxation Kit

Don't forget a charming card.

Love to have you and happy to ship!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holiday Magic

We were excited to be the location for this magical holiday commercial

for America First here and produced by Mighty Clever here.

It was pure magic to watch!

(footage posting soon)

We are also gearing up for this weekend's events.

It's our annual Pink Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Details on Pink Friday posted here.

(more info to follow regarding Small Business Saturday)

The holiday banners in our shop windows are just $20

and selling quickly!

Never thought this many guys would be hanging out helping model them.


Thanks for visiting!  Love to have you!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pink Friday

This Friday is our annual Pink Friday holiday event!

November 24th 10-6

We will be giving away more gifts than ever before!

50 presents to the first 50 customers to spend $50

We will also be sharing a coupon code with our email subscribers.

To subscribe, simply text your email to (801) 232-3276

more details to follow

Red Bows and Holiday Bedrooms

I like to add holiday touches all throughout my home.

I remember putting holiday sheets on my boys' beds when they were younger 
and they would get so excited!
Now they are teenagers I can't do this, but I thought I would add some to my own bedroom.  
I was looking for a holiday plaid, but then decided to get something a little more versatile 
and that I could leave on until spring.

It's fun to change up your sheets every once in a while 
and I am loving the darker color. Then just added a pillow, throw, twinkle lights,
your favorite holiday candle and voila!

Candle is Illume's Balsam and Fir

A shop favorite!

London tote is from here and on sale!

Someday I want to go Christmas shopping in London.

We have lots of exciting news to share with you about Pink Friday, Small Business Saturday, 
and a special project.  Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!



my LED twinkle lights are from here
(I have my plugged in, but it comes with battery adaptor)

red bow key ring is from here
very affordable gift!


another fabulous Christmas from Cartier, London

Monday, November 20, 2017

Elf Essentials

red tinsel $9 (also available in gold)


Meri Meri Christmas crackers $6
(includes a riddle, toy and hat)

they are cute tucked in a tree, on a table setting, or as a gift topper 

red and white paper festooning $9

Meri Meri santa hats $6

fun in holiday photos, even for pets

Meri Meri cupcakes cases $8
(includes a recipe)

great neighbor gifts and we wrap for free!

thanks for visiting!

more elf essentials here and here


Cartier's holiday display in London on Old Bond Street (2006)

was a magical Christmas cracker

oh how I love this!

From the Oxford English Dictionary

Tradition tells of how Tom Smith of London invented crackers in 1847.
He created the crackers as a development of his bon-bon sweets, 
which he sold in a twist of paper (the origins of the traditional sweet-wrapper).  
As sales of bon-bons slumped, Smith began to come up with new promotional ideas.  
His first tactic was the insert "love messages" into the wrappers of the sweets.

Wish he could see how Christmas crackers are still apart of the Christmas holiday.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Deck the Halls . . .

 . . . or my living room as the case may be.


 Holiday collectibles from the shop

a London red bus ornament (limited quantity)

our favorite Illume Balsam and Fir candle in a collectible music box (limited quantity)

Limoges teacups from France (all a bit different, text for photos)

This curio is where I collect things from my favorite places.

There are souvenirs from my trip to Paris with my mom see here

including a teacup from a Angelina.

It is the most beautiful patisserie see here

You can watch a video of them serving their famous chocolate drink.

If you look closely there is a tiny piece of gravel from Jonny's horrible 

bike crash in Park City during the Summit Challenge.

A crazy thing to have I know!  The ER doctor had a heck of a time

getting that last piece removed from under his eye.

It was a scary time and I remember his moans in the night

from his face sticking to his pillow.

It broke my heart!

One week later he was back on his bike!

It is a reminder of courage, drive, passion, and hope to me . . .

and I love that little gravel!  He earned it!

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Winter Whites

We love this Winter White banner from Bethany Lowe.  It can add 
a touch of holiday with pinks or reds alike.


Featured with our favorite holiday candle from Illume.

Balsam Fir

demi tin $12, room spray $14, large tin $20


Our next event will be the Friday after Thanksgiving

It's our annual Pink Friday and will be better than ever!
Mark your calendars.

Love to have you!